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If you retain RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami for consultant, I will prepare everything for you.

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You can reach RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami anytime over email, phone, social network, Messenger, Viber, imo, what’s app, Website:

RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami will be visiting Dhaka every 3 months Choose the correct category of immigration program & Provide recommendation.

Identify the appropriate pathway for immigration which will be successful and realistic.

IELTS preparation advice.

Educational evaluation from Canadian authority.

Financial arrangement for visa application & Prepare application for visa.

After entering Canada RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami can help for primary establishment.

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Who are looking to obtain a Canada visa & Enter Canada

Balance Immigration & Education Services Canada provides representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking to obtain a Canada visa and enter Canada on a permanent or temporary basis. We assist the application process and required documents for international students, skilled professionals and family members intend to come to Canada. Balance Immigration & Education Services Canada ensures that every person’s application is always handled with the attention and priority it deserves. We provide a highly personal service, tailored specifically to your individual Canadian immigration’s needs.


As the Immigration Consultation office, it is our responsibility to provide the client with advice and guidance on how best to obtain the required documentation to migrate to Canada and how to complete this process smoothly.
RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami work within strict timelines and communicate with authorities and the client consistently via email or telephone. Clients are treated individually and the process tailored to suit them.
As the Visa and Immigration Consultant, we have a strong understanding of border control procedures as well as any related legislation.

RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami assesses all clients and deal with all applications one to one to ensure that the client is suitable.

RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami oversee the completion of all relevant visa and immigration documents and ensure that they are received within the time limit set by the government.

RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami ensure that all of the information provided is accurate and correct, preparing and checking all legal documents.

RCIC Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami helps the client to obtain Immigration, Visas, Study permit, Work permit, Education assessment and other documentation required.

The primary role of Dr. Tanvir Hasan Sami as a Licensed Immigration Consultant is to assist clients and prospective clients in determining whether they might be eligible for immigration to Canada and how Balance Immigration & Education Services Canada might be able to offer assistance. He does this by reviewing and considering responses given by persons visiting physically or in website that complete the convenient online Canada Immigration Eligibility Assessment questionnaire. He also responds to questions relating to eligibility assessments, once the questionnaire is completed and the assessment is made. We assist people to choose the category of Canada immigration which best suits their qualifications and aspirations.



Educational Credential Evaluation

Opportunities for
Immigration to Canada


Experience & Qualifications

According to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Government of Canada is going to admit 1 million immigrants in next 3 years. Canada unveiled its immigration plans to allocate one million permanent resident visas to immigrants between 2018 and 2020. This is the first of its kind multiyear immigration plan by IRCC. There are more than 60 pathways to become a permanent resident of Canada. Find out which program is suitable for you.
Canada immigration is considered one of the best in the world as it is loaded with better opportunities for employment as well as personal growth. It is indeed a country for those in search of a better quality of life and money.
Canada immigration rules are much friendly to qualify. Even in the face of world recession, Canada has not cut down on its Immigration quota, so it is still the biggest immigration delivery support hub for all.
Canada offers a dynamic range of immigration and visa programs for the employed, self-employed and businessmen categories and for those not qualified under the Immigration programs, the country still offers non-immigrant options such as work permit and student programs and majority of these programs offer permanent resident visa and Immigration.

Canada Immigration programs

Express entry case management system

Skilled Worker Class

Skilled trade professional

Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Programs

Business Immigration Entry

Start up visa


Investor class

Live-in Caregiver Category

Family Class & Spousal Sponsorship

visa / permit

Work visa/ permit

Quebec Class

Refugee class



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Dr. Tanvir Sami
Dr. Tanvir Sami
Dr. Tanvir Sami
Dr. Tanvir Sami
Dr. Tanvir Sami
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